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Ukraine: Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI) - May 2022

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Introduction (About the JMMI)

In an effort to inform cash-based interventions and better understand market dynamics in Ukraine, the Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI) was created by the Ukraine Cash Working Group (CWG) in March 2022. The initiative is guided by the CWG Task Team 4 on Monitoring (CWG TT4), led by ACTED and REACH and supported by the CWG members.

Marketplaces across Ukraine are assessed on a monthly basis. In each location, field teams record prices and other market indicators through retailer and customer interviews. In addition to the interviews, REACH conducts online price monitoring across the country. This factsheet presents an overview of prices for key foods and non-food items (NFIs) in the assessed areas, as well as the costs associated with key elements of the JMMI Basket, which consists of 20 core food and hygiene items.

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