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Political will and leadership needed in response to unprecedented displacement: Joint Agency Briefing Note

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On World Refugee Day, with a record-breaking number of over 100 million people displaced across the globe, it is vital for states to urgently act on their legal and moral obligations to welcome and support all people fleeing from persecution, human rights violations and armed conflict. With the outpouring of support and opening of borders to those fleeing Ukraine, we have seen that it is possible to respond to a crisis of historic magnitude and scale, while still maintaining the rights of hosting communities.

All must receive equal and equitable support. As we aim to fully support Ukrainians, we see clear lessons in solidarity and a sustained responsibility sharing that must be applied in our responses to forced displacement everywhere. The Refugee Convention and the Global Compact on Refugees are essential tools that underscore the importance of protection, equality, and support for forcibly displaced people. It is important for states to reaffirm their commitments and galvanize political will to address global refugee responses with comparable urgency, coordination and resources, as witnessed at the outset of the Ukraine refugee response.