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UNHCR Regional Update - Southern Africa Operational Update (April 2022)

RD del Congo
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  • Voluntary repatriation progressed with 1,400 individuals returning to their country of origin by end of April

  • Refugee inclusion continued to be pursued in national development plans and financial systems

  • Preventing statelessness through birth certificates and official documentation remained a priority

During the month of April

  • 13,064 women and girls received sanitary materials in Malawi

  • 3,356 people registered and documented to prevent statelessness in Eswatini

  • 2,650 people benefitted from a new health post in the Republic of the Congo

  • 784 people provided with legal assistance to obtain official documentation in Mozambique

  • 180 teachers provided with training in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • 142 refugee leaders, parents and students received protection training in Angola