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Flash Flooding in Northeast Bangladesh Sylhet, Sunamganj and Netrokona District, Briefing Note – 19/06/2022

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General Overview of Crisis

  • A third wave of flash flood has devasted the north-eastern [art of Bangladesh this year, especially Sylhet, Sunamganj, Netrokona and Hobigabj districts.

  • Heavy rainfall over the last few days (starting from 10 June) in the Northeastern Indian states, especially Cherrapunji has largely contributed to the increased water level of the rivers in Sylhet division. There has been record level of rain in the last 3 days in Cherrapunji in 122 years. (Newspaper)

  • Surma and Kushiyara river is flowing more than 100cm above danger level as of 18 June. (FFWC)

  • According to press briefing of MoDMR, more than 60% of Sylhet and 80% of Sunamganj has been flooded. Army has been deployed by govt for rescuing people. (Newspaper)

  • More than four million people have been stranded by flood so far in the affected districts.

  • The FFWC, Google Flood Alert, FFWC-RIMES, and Indian Meteorological Department are indicating that the heavy rainfall will keep continuing for the next few days. With this, the flood situation will remain stagnant and/or worsen in some areas. (NAWG)

  • There are about 25 people dead and houses and roads severely damaged. (AlJajeera, NDTV)

  • Apprx. 266,137 (hectares) croplands estimated to be damaged until 17 June according to satellite observation. (WFP ADAM)

  • The electricity connection has been lost since 17 June throughout Sylhet and Sunamganj. (Newspaper)

  • Several upazilas, including Sunamganj Sadar, Chatak, Doarabazar and Shantiganj are now flooded, seemingly disconnected from the rest of the country. Mobile networks are also not working in the district. (Newspaper)

  • 13 Upazilla and 1 city corporation of Sylhet district has been affected. (Flood Situation Report, DDM)

  • At least six out of 10 Upazilas of Netrokona went under water with the rivers in the region flowing above the danger level on Saturday. The deluge left at least 200,000 people stranded in the affected areas of the district, according to the local authorities. (Newspaper)

  • Almost all communication with Sylhet and Sunamganj has been lost, Airport and train communication has been halted for undefined time period. All type of services (fire station, food storages, hospitals etc) has been closed as water has inundated the critical infrastructures and they are no longer accessible. (Newspaper)

  • G.R cash 80 lakh, 1.5 ton G.R rice, dry food and other relief materials has been allocated by MoDMR for Sylhet and Sunamganj, but the items are not being able to distribute as transportation not available to the districts, it is expected that the need of people will be increasing as days passes by. (Newspaper)

  • 8-10 thousand people has taken shelter in govt. hospital buildings throughout Sylhet according to govt. official. (Newspaper)

  • There has been unprecedented crisis of boats and trollers for transportation and rescue of people. The available transports are also claiming high prices which can not be accessed by the vulnerable people. (Newspaper)

  • Due to the critical weather condition, there is high possibility of lighting occurring throughout all divisions of Bangladesh. (BMD)

  • Majority of schools and educational institutes has been closed. Important infrastructures have been submerged into water.

  • Medical support, food, drinking water, transportation and shelter has been identified as immediate key needs of people. (SOS and D-forms)

Priority Needs and Interventions

Immediate Rescue

Communication and Infrastructure

Food Security and Livelihood


Shelter & Protection