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Afghanistan: Infectious Disease Outbreaks - Epidemiological week # 22, 2022 (29 May-04 June) 2022 Situation Report #43

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Measles outbreak (01 Jan to 04 June 2022)

• During epidemiological week 22-2022, there have been 1,854 new cases and 7 new deaths reported (1 % increase and 12.5% decrease in the number of cases and deaths, respectively as compared to the previous week). The trend was increasing until week 15 (2022), however, it is decreasing for the last seven weeks (Figure 5).

• The number of suspected measles cases have increased in the Central East, South and East regions during the last weeks while the other five regions show decreasing trends (Table 2).

• The measles outbreak affected the entire country, however, the most affected provinces are Badakhshan (11.1%);
Kunduz (10.3%); Nangarhar (9.3%); Kabul (8.5%); Helmand (6.9%); and Takhar (6.4%).

• Out of the total 6,294 samples tested for measles, 2,734 were laboratory confirmed from January-June 2022.

• During the last week, one new district reported suspected