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Assessment of COVID-19 Detection Laboratories, 31 March 2022

Govt. Libya
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Key Highlights:

By end of March 2022:

  • 42 COVID-19 detection laboratories were assessed in the 1st Quarter 2022.

  • 23 (55%) Labs are reported fully functional, while 19 (45%) requires assistance to fully operate (i.e., medical supplies, equipment, maintenance, and staffing).

  • 34 (89%) labs have RT-PCR machines, while 4 (11%) doesn’t have.

  • Most laboratories operate 1 shift of 8 hours 13 (34%), followed by 2 shifts of 16 hours 11 (29%).

  • Over 1000 testing capacity per day is reported in Tripoli Biotechnical Centre Lab (5,000), Azzawya NCDC Lab (2,500), Tripoli NCDC public health lab (1500), Misrata NCDC Lab (1,300), and Misrata Medical centre Lab (1,300).

  • The reported needs ranked per priority are equipment, consumables, and staff training; consequently.

1. Introduction

Assessment of COVID-19 detection laboratories was conducted to measure diagnostic testing capacity and availability of resources to provide a reliable service.
The following information pillars were covered under the assessment:

  1. Location of the laboratory

  2. Functionality Status, and main reasons of nonfunctionality

  3. Diagnostic capacity (availability of RT-PCR & GeneXpert machines)

  4. Staffing capacity

  5. Consumables

  6. Needs A standard template was designed for data collection.

The template was shared with WHO Field Coordinators, who collected data from the laboratories in coordination with NCDC (National Centre for Disease Control) and the Ministry of Health.
Data is collected on quarterly basis. This analysis report reflects the laboratories assessed in the 1st Quarter of 2022 (last date for reported data is 31 March 2021); information reviewed and endorsed by NCDC.
The total assessed laboratories in the 1st Quarter 2022 are 42, compared to 38 assessed in the 4th Quarter 2021 out of total 40 (i.e., 2 labs were unreachable and not assessed).
Two additional labs were added to the scope of the assessment in 2022, those are Algarabolli Reference lab (Almargeb in Western region) and (Al-Marj hospital COVID-19 lab (Almarj in Eastern region), which increased the overall total labs to 42 labs compared to 40 last year.
The assessed labs are distributed across the three regions: Eastern (9), Southern (6), and Western region (27).