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ACAPS Thematic report: Mali - Violence in Ménaka and Gao regions (16 June 2022)

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• Since the beginning of 2022, Ménaka and Gao regions in Mali, along with the tri-border regions in Niger and Burkina Faso, have been experiencing an escalation of violence caused by the territorial expansion interests of non-state armed groups.

• Recent confrontations have increased incidences of violence, killing hundreds of civilians. The exact number is still unknown.

• As at 3 June, around 54,000 people (9,000 households) from Ménaka and Gao, as well as 16,000 refugees from Niger, have been displaced internally or to western Niger (OCHA 13/06/2022; ECHO 17/03/2022). IDPs are living in makeshift shelters in overcrowded conditions and need protection, shelter, food, and other basic services.

• Insecurity and direct attacks against humanitarian workers have been constraining the humanitarian response