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New appeal to support Afghan refugees in Pakistan

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A recent UN report has revealed that around 1.3 million Afghan refugees are currently residing in Pakistan. Since the takeover of the Afghanistan government by the Taliban in August last year, thousands of Afghans have fled to neighbouring countries to escape the impacts of political unrest and a deteriorating economy on their livelihoods.

In Pakistan, Afghan migrants are facing multiple problems due to their extended stay in the country. Following nearly four decades of conflict and political unrest, the work of Caritas Pakistan has intensified over the last year.

Therefore, on behalf of Caritas Pakistan, Caritas Internationalis, has launched an Emergency Appeal from June 2022 to March 2023 with the aim of providing:

1,000 households with increased access to food;
1,200 households have adequate hygiene supplies, access to safe drinking and improved sanitation facilities;
66,500 individuals with have health services;
1,000 students, including girls, with adequate learning environments in schools;
1,080 women and men with increased access to immediate livelihood opportunities.

This Emergency Appeal is aimed to ensure that Afghan refugees have access to basic services, vocational training and work opportunities both in the countries of transit and of destination, without any discrimination, is key to restore their dignity and their aspiration for a peaceful life.
Ahead of World Refugee Day on 30 June, Caritas Internationalis is calling on the entire Caritas Confederation and the global community to show their solidarity with Afghan refugees. These men, women and children have been forced to leave their homelands, and obliged to live for long and indeterminate periods in precarious settings.
To support this Emergency Appeal, please click the link