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IOM Belarus Response for the stranded migrants in Belarus: Situation Report (13- 26 May 2022)

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IOM Belarus is scaling up its response targeted at people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Currently, the majority of persons arrive in Belarus through Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, while the number of people entering Belarus directly through the Ukraine-Belarus border is low, as those Ukrainian border check points are not currently functional.

According to the State Border Committee of Belarus, from 13-26 May, 2,205 people entered Belarus from Ukraine. Since 24 February, 30,011 people have entered the country (902 Belarusians, 28,865 Ukrainians, and 244 third country nationals). IOM Belarus took part in the meeting of the UN Refugee Operational Working Group held on 17 May. While the group is chaired by UNHCR, other UN agencies, the Belarusian Red Cross (BRC) and representatives of the Ministry of Interior participated as members. The participants exchanged information and discussed mechanisms and pathways for the referral of Ukrainian refugees and migrants.