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CrisisInSight Weekly Picks, 15 June 2022

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At least 47,000 migrants and refugees from Venezuela live in Riohacha (La Guajira department), displaced by Venezuela's socioeconomic and political crisis in recent years. The need for regularisation of migration status, and overall lack of viable, stable employment has left many of these people -- now making up one-quarter of Riohacha's population -- without livelihoods, cash, and essential goods. Most migrants and refugees live in informal settlements on the city's outskirts and lack basic services. Forced recruitment and other coercive measures by armed groups operating in this relatively remote area, as well as xenophobic violence and harassment by city residents, are reported. Riohacha additionally hosts Colombian returnees from Venezuela as well as Wayúu indigenous communities, some of whom also need food, drinking water, proper sanitation, and healthcare, stretching the capacity of government and local humanitarian groups to integrate and respond to the needs of migrants and refugees.

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More than 50,000 people have been displaced and 125 killed following clashes related to a land dispute in Kulbus locality, West Darfur between 6-11 June. About 25 villages were torched, livestock looted, and some water access disrupted. The insecurity has also delayed humanitarian assessments and response already planned in the area.People fled within Kulbus or to nearby localities, such as Saraf Omra (North Darfur), where IDPs are staying with relatives and are in need of food, non-food items, and shelter materials. Medical care is needed to respond to displaced children suffering from diarrhoea. Increased insecurity across Sudan and recurrent clashes and displacement, especially in Darfur and in the Kordofan states**,** are raising concerns among farmers and putting Sudan's agricultural season at risk of failure. Estimations indicate that 18 million people will likely be food insecure through September, while health officials confirmed that two children have died of starvation in North Darfur state on 6 June.

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