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UN Special Envoy’s remarks to the press following the Security Council Session on Yemen

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Good afternoon. It’s very good to be back in New York and very good to see you all. I have just briefed the Council on the latest of my efforts. And I would want to take this opportunity to give you some short points in this regard.

The truce continues to deliver tangible benefits to the Yemeni people. And as of today, 8 round trips flights between Sana’a Airport and Amman and Cairo have taken off. Hudaydah port continues to see increased and regular flow of fuel, which is considerably easing chronic fuel shortages. In addition to introducing measures that helps alleviate civilian suffering in Yemen, the United Nations-mediated truce contributes to significant military de-escalation and reduction in civilian casualties across Yemen and beyond its borders. However, we still see records civilian casualties from landmines as civilians moved through areas that were previously inaccessible due to fighting before the truce. The truce has also enabled the United Nations to convene direct discussions between the warring sides for the first time in years, and in Amman, Jordan last month, my Office convened two meetings for the military representatives of the parties to discuss setting up joint mechanism for addressing, managing, and preventing incidents that threaten de-escalation efforts. The parties also convened to discuss the re-opening of roads in Taiz and other governorates across Yemen.

Following the discussions on road openings, we presented to both parties a United Nations-proposal that balances the different concerns and positions expressed by both sides for the phased re-opening of key roads in Taiz and other governorates. It is a proposal that upholds the underlying objective and hope to deliver tangible and acceptable results to the people of Taiz and Yemen at large, who’s freedom of movement has long been hindered by the conflict.

Freedom of movement does not only pertain to the movement of Yemeni men, women, and children to travel safely and freely. It also impacts the delivery of essential goods and transportation costs, which, as we know too well, puts further strains on the deteriorating Yemeni economy and the livelihoods of Yemenis who continue to bear the brunt of the conflict.

The proposal on Taiz has been presented to both sides and I am now awaiting a response from Ansar Allah’s leadership. And I hope that we will receive a response soon and I also hope that this response will be positive. As I told the Council, for the next month and a half, I will be working closely with the parties to ensure the implementation but also the consolidation of all elements of the truce. I plan to start discussions on the economic and security tracks to reach more durable solutions. And I will continue to engage with Yemeni stakeholders on options to resume a political process.

Thank you very much.