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CCCM Cluster Mozambique - Ancuabe Displacement Flash Report, 12 June 2022

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The most recent attacks in Ancuabe district by Non-State Armed Groups between 2nd and 9th of June triggered displacements movements within Cabo Delgado province. More than 9,877 individuals and IDPs displaced to Ancuabe, Chiure, Quissanga, Balama, Mecufi, Mueda, Macomia, Montepuez, Meluco, Namuno, Balama, Metuge and Cidade de Pemba.

This report highlights the CCCM Cluster response to the ongoing displacement and presents information on needs and gaps identified by the CCCM Cluster and its partners at site level.


CCCM Cluster partners are actively recording new arrivals in existing sites in Ancuabe, Chiure, Metuge and Montepuez. The tracking of arrivals is done in collaboration with government focal points in the sites and once the movements have completely been recorded, information is shared with service providers in the sites. CCCM partners are already engaging site service providers and are providing needs assessments and gap analysis for their actions and coordinated response with already available data. Furthermore, Partners are working with SPDI in existing sites to nd shelter for the new arrivals displaced from these recent attacks.

Two camp management teams are on standby for deployment and more commitment is expected as partners gauge their capacity to respond. The CCCM Cluster has also all the necessary materials and workforce to plan and develop any new sites that may emerge, and to carry out community engagement activities.

As of Friday, 10th of June, 1,183 new households displaced from Ancuabe have been recorded by CCCM partners in sites across Cabo Delgado. The number of new arrivals is constantly fuctuating, and the figures provided are rapidly changing.

Food, Shelter, communal emergency latrines, Dignity Kits and NFIs – including kitchen sets are the main needs identied in all districts across Cabo Delgado. In Chiure district most new arrivals are living in emergency shelters and communal shelters (Meculane site) and INGD is planning to build 5 additional communal shelters. In Metuge district the majority of arrivals from Ancuabe are living in previously abandoned shelters that have now been assigned to the new arrivals. In Nacuta site (Metuge) the main urgent need is shelter. Response accounted for some households receiving NFI kits, but the need is still signicant. In Montepuez, the strong need for shelters, food assistance, clothes and hygiene kits have been recorded in all sites where families from Ancuabe relocated.

As of Friday, 10th of June, 212 household have been relocated from Chiure Sede to Meculane site (Chiure) and 56 households from Chiure Sede to Katapua site (Chiure). CCCM supported the government in the relocation of displaced people by carrying out community engagement and monitoring activities. CCCM provided logistic support and fuel, and facilitated the relocation of the IDPs through 12 truck movements.