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Caritas and START Fund extend essential relief support to Assam Flood victims

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Caritas India and START Fund have initiated the flood relief operation in the Assam by extending Food & Nutrition, Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WaSH), Shelter and NFI support in Hojai district. The whole distribution was conducted while keeping the protection mainstreaming (Safety, Access, and Dignity) as the overarching goal.

The project targets 1200 households/ 5760 people from Jugijan Block. The response has prioritised people with disabilities, children, single women, and the elderly, as well as Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe, and OBC (Bengali and Muslim Minority) communities.

Caritas India team and two local volunteers have reached out to seven villages in the Hojai district. WaSH Kit distribution began on June 8, 2022, to assist the most flood-affected populations in the CHAR areas of Hojai district. So far, Caritas India has distributed 160 WaSH Kits in the village of Uttar Mathikhola. The beneficiaries were selected through a committee formed by the communities.

Distribution of life-saving WaSH kit for 1200 HHs/ 5760 Individuals, includes bucket with lid, mug, bathing soap, washing soap/ detergent powder, sanitary napkin, masks, toothpaste and toothbrush. Distributions have been adapted in alignment with Covid-19 restrictions and will take place while ensuring social distancing and other protective measures. Distribution of Shelter/NFI kit for 700 HHs/ 3360 Individuals includes Tarpaulin, Ground sheet, Sleeping mat, Mosquito net, Ropes and Solar Torch. Distribution of Food kit for 868 HHs/4166 Individuals, including rice, masoor daal, dried soybean, wheat flour, mustard oil, spices ( chilly and turmeric), sugar, salt and tea powder.

The Hygiene promotion activities and protection mainstreaming activities will be conducted for 1200 HHs/5760 Individuals by orienting the people on healthy/life-saving hygiene and sanitation practices including Covid19 prevention. This activity includes training and distribution of IEC materials and cleaning of 20 hand pumps (used by communities to access drinking water and contaminated as a result of flooding). Awareness building has also been adapted to the challenges of Covid-19 and includes the dissemination of key messages through loudspeakers, posters and pamphlets which will be placed in central locations as well as circulated widely among the communities.

Through inclusive targeting of vulnerable groups, protection mainstreaming and life-saving intervention, Caritas India’s response ensures that the affected, excluded, and unreached communities receive timely and need-based support. Support will contribute to food and nutrition security and help prevent the spread of water-borne diseases as well as reduce infections of Covid-19.

The team will proceed to Sawtal Basti and Dakshin Radhanagar for further relief distribution. The flood has destroyed many houses in CHAR areas, making living conditions miserable. Dry ration kits and shelter kits will be provided to the affected people who lost their livelihood. 1200 WaSH Kits, 700 Shelter Kits and 868 Food kits shall be distributed in these 7 villages in the coming days.