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Roadmap for the Operationalisation of the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus in Cameroon

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This Roadmap document aims at illustrating how the Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) Nexus approach will be implemented in Cameroon. It serves as a tool for the National Nexus Task Force (Terms of Reference in annexe 1) to ensure that we are all going in the same direction – towards the same goals.

This Roadmap aims to help the involved stakeholders implement the HDP Nexus approach and facilitate synergies between humanitarian assistance, development cooperation, and peacebuilding interventions at the community level to achieve results greater than the sum of their separate interventions.

Summary and timeline of the HDP Nexus approach in Cameroon:

  • The outcomes of the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit and the associated Agenda for Humanity initiatives have sought to improve collaboration across the humanitarian-development Nexus within a "New Way of Working", while the twin resolutions on Sustaining Peace adopted by the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly in 2016 broadened the effort to include Peace in the triple Nexus.

  • The Government of Cameroon was the first country to volunteer at the World Humanitarian Summit to implement the Nexus approach and became one of the seven priority countries of the UN Joint Steering Committee to Advance Humanitarian-Development Collaboration established by the Secretary-General in 2017.

  • A group composed of Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and United Nations Country Team (UNCT) members started working on the HDP Nexus (previously called the New Way of Working) in 2017. Their work led to the decision of the HCT to create a National Nexus Task Force in May 2019 mandated with the development of the HDP Nexus approach in Cameroon and its operationalisation at the community level.

  • The 2019 Recommendation of the Development Assistance Committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD DAC) on the humanitarian, development and Peace Nexus (Triple Nexus) defines the HDP Nexus as the interlinkages between humanitarian, development and peace actions. The Nexus approach refers to the aim of strengthening collaboration, coherence and complementarity. The approach seeks to capitalise on the comparative advantages of each pillar – to the extent of their relevance in the specific context – in order to reduce overall vulnerability and the number of unmet needs, strengthen risk management capacities and address root causes of conflict.

  • The National HDP Nexus Task Force is co-chaired by the UN Humanitarian Development Peace Coordinator and OCHA HDP Regional Advisor and includes more than a hundred representatives from the Government, UN Agencies, the World Bank, members states and donors, international and national NGOs and the private sector.

  • The HDP Nexus approach was endorsed by the HCT and the UNCT in October 2019.

  • The vision of the HDP Nexus in Cameroon is based on a bottom-up approach. It seeks to create synergies between Humanitarian, Development and Peacebuilding interventions in municipalities where conditions allow for the three types of interventions. These municipalities are called Convergence Areas.

In 2021, the HDP Nexus Task Force established the HDP Nexus Roadmap working group to a) draw a Roadmap, terms of reference and plan of action for the National Nexus Task Force, and b) support the two HDP Nexus Regional Task Forces in the Far-North region and the Eastern Front (North, Adamawa, East) to develop their own. The HDP Nexus Roadmap working group is proud to present their work captured in this document.

The terms of reference of the Nexus National Task Force can be found in annexe 1.

The action plan for the Nexus National Task Force detailing the actions that need to be taken by the National Task Force between now and 2023 is in annexe 2. The regional Nexus Task Forces will draw their action plans based on the National Nexus Task Force plan of action. 3 A previous Roadmap document for the New Way of Working in Cameroon was written in 2017. 5

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit https://www.unocha.org/.