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Food and Nutrition Security Bulletin Southern Africa Monthly Bulletin: May 2022

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  • Despite a recent increase in rainfall, parts of Mozambique,
    Zimbabwe, and Botswana experienced abnormal dryness and drought.

  • Inconsistent rainfall since late December 2021 has strengthened moisture deficits leading to severe drought in southern Angola and northern Namibia.

  • Severe drought is present across much of southern Madagascar.
    Three years of consecutive severe drought have wiped out harvests and hampered access to food in Madagascar’s Grand South regions.

  • Poor seasonal performance due to delays in planting is expected to create harvest setbacks which will affect supplies in market year 2022/23.

  • Commodity prices were rising steadily before the onset of the Ukraine conflict. Following the Ukraine-Russia crisis, the region will likely face a general rise in food and energy prices given its strong dependence on imported oil, wheat and edible oil.

  • Brown locust outbreaks have been reported and confirmed in South Africa and Namibia. Locust control teams has been deployed to embark on surveillance, monitoring and control.