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Cash Consortium of Yemen - Flash Update 46: YER Exchange Rate Volatility May Week 2 & Week 3

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Key findings:

• The IRG vs DFA exchange rate variation currently stands at a 453 YER difference.

• The exchange rate in the IRG areas is continuing to depreciate after a month of appreciation.

• The range between the maximum and minimum value of the exchange rate from May W2 to W3 expanded in the South from 165 to 242 YER, indicating a volatility across exchange shops in IRG areas, and the range of exchange rates stays the same at 5 YER indicating stability across exchange shops in the areas of interests.

• The markets DFA areas are still experiencing a slight appreciation in the exchange rate, this appreciation could be attributed to a variety of factors such as the ceasefire agreements or the interconnected nature of the Southern and Northern economies.
Future research will be critical in determining the cause and future affect of these variations • Southern Hudaydah has the highest exchange rate, and Aden has the lowest exchange rate among all the IRG areas