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Global Humanitarian Overview 2022, May Update (Snapshot as of 31 May 2022)

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The GHO 2022, launched on 2 December 2021, required $41 billion to assist 194 million of the 296 million people in need in 69 countries. Needs and requirements have grown to $46.06 B to assist 202 million of the 302 million people in need around the world. The increase is largely due to the Ukraine crisis and the additional $4.01 billion requested to assist Ukrainians in the country and those who have fled to neighbouring countries.

Recorded funding for the GHO 2022 reached $8.37 billion – 18.2% of needs – by 31 May. GHO funding is significantly higher in absolute terms than at the end of May 2021 ($6.42 billion) and end of May 2020 ($6.24 billion), although it is similar in percentage terms to both years. The gap between requirements and funding is more than $37.70 billion, which is greater than ever. Furthermore, 29 out of the 40 plans in the GHO are funded below the global average, many significantly less. For more details on amounts and coverage by plan, see charts on pages 4-5.

Total reported humanitarian funding for 2022 has reached $13.56 billion. This is a record high for the end of May. While this is positive news, particularly given the current global economic landscape, it is too early to know whether this encouraging trend will continue or how available funding will be distributed among the many existing crises, including those with less visibility and attention.

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