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Tigray: Urgent call for assistance

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Urgent funds needed to purchase essential fertilizer before planting season begins

Tigray’s Meher season is just 4 to 6 weeks away (June/July 2022). With the rainfall outlook favourable (normal to above-normal), the season offers a critical and cost-effective opportunity to improve food availability across the region.

However, limited access to agricultural inputs (particularly fertilizers, but also seeds) is a major threat to the season.

The Government of Ethiopia has offered humanitarian agencies access to fertilizer (at a cost of USD 1 350/tonne) through a government facility to support vulnerable households in the Tigray region.

As of 16 May, Agriculture Cluster partners have sufficient funds to avail of only 5 800 tonnes of fertilizers – just under 10 percent of needs.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is therefore calling for urgent funding from resource partners to enable Cluster partners to immediately secure 60 000 tonnes of fertilizer from the government facility and ensure farmers have it in-hand before the start of the planting season. This can be done through resource partners allowing the modification of existing programmes or by providing additional resources immediately. Compound fertilizer (NPS) is applied during planting (July–August) and top dressing (Urea) is applied three to four weeks after planting.