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Hazard Incidences in Bangladesh, May 2022

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In May 2022, 12 hazards took place across Bangladesh i.e., Covid-19, Fire, Boat Capsize, Nor‘wester, Lightning, Wall Collapse, Waterlogging, Dengue, Heat-Wave, Flood, Riverbank Erosion, and Bridge Collapse.

Among them, Covid 19 affected a total of 7,356 people across the country and only 4 people died and 14,100 are recovered according to the national report of May 2022.

NDRCC reports, A total of 581 Fire incidents took place throughout the country, in which 8 people died, and 14 are injured. 6 Boat Capsize incidents took place this month where a total of 3 people died and 5 are missing. Nor ‘wester hit entire districts of Bangladesh which resulted in 2 demises and 14 people injuries. Lightning is the most devastating this month causing 36 deaths, 20 injured and 1 missing. 4 people died and 5 are seriously injured due to wall collapse this month while Waterlogging caused marooned households in several districts. 163 confirmed case of Dengue is newly identified in 3 districts this month. 4 mild Heat Wave is reported with no casualties this month.

Flash flood appeared in 2 districts namely Sunamganj and Sylhet which affected houses and households, damaged crops, and roads, and washed away fish, and dead cattle, poultry in several Upazila of the two districts. Riverbank Erosion washed away land and homestead in several districts. 2 Bridge Collapse events took place which badly disrupted the transportation system.