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Canada and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (May 2022)

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Twenty years of partnership between Canada and the Global Fund has played an important role in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria and in building a healthier, safer and more equitable world.

Health investments through the Global Fund have saved more than 44 million lives since 2002, revitalizing entire communities and improving economies.

Turning the tide on AIDS, TB and malaria

Efforts by communities, governments and global health partners have resulted in extraordinary progress in the fight against the three diseases.

Our partnership

Canada has been a strong supporter of the Global Fund from the very beginning, investing about CAD 3.69 billion since the Global Fund was founded in 2002. These investments have had a major impact – not only in saving lives, but also in breaking down gender and human rights-related barriers to health, supporting the inclusion of marginalized groups in decision-making structures, and building resilient and sustainable systems for health.

Canada is the sixth-largest public donor to the Global Fund and pledged CAD 930.4 million for 2020-2022 – a 15.7% increase from its previous pledge. Canada also hosted the Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment Conference in September 2016. In the last two years, Canada has allocated CAD 125 million to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response Mechanism, supporting the scale up of diagnostics, treatments (including medical oxygen) and critical elements of resilient and sustainable systems for health.

Community and civil society in Canada play a crucial role in advocating for the global fight against HIV, TB and malaria and in bolstering Canada’s contribution to global health investments. The Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) Secretariat is partially based in Ottawa and works with advocates, activists and communities affected by the three diseases, as well as with Friends of the Fund organizations.