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Italy and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (May 2022) [EN/IT]

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The partnership between Italy and the Global Fund has played an important role in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria and in building a healthier, safer and more equitable world.

Ending AIDS, TB and malaria

Health investments through the Global Fund have saved more than 44 million lives since 2002, strengthening entire communities and improving economies. Between 2002 and 2020, the number of deaths caused by the three diseases has declined by 40%.

Our partnership

Italy has been a strong supporter and advocate of the Global Fund from the outset, playing a key role in its creation at the G8 Summit in 2001. The First Replenishment conference was held in Rome in 2005. Italy has contributed more than €1.1 billion to the partnership since it was created in 2002, making it the Global Fund’s ninth-largest public donor.

For the Sixth Replenishment in 2019, Italy pledged €161 million for 2020-2022. This pledge represents a 15% increase over the Fifth Replenishment of €140 million. In both the Fifth and Sixth Replenishments, Italy’s pledge included 5% of the funds to be set aside for technical assistance provided by Italian non-governmental organizations and research centers.