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Key considerations for on-site assessment of refugee transit points and accommodation centres in the EU/EEA in the context of the refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine

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This guidance note aims to provide practical orientation to national and local authorities, United Nations (UN) and civil society organizations on public health, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) measures at border entry points, reception and accommodation centres in surrounding countries affected by the Ukraine crisis. The guidance note does not cover overall management of those sites, specific measures related to epidemiological surveillance, or specific disease control programs for which other guidance documents exist.

Section I of the document provides an overview of tailored approaches to different situations, while Section II provides context and short technical guidance on specific public health and WASH considerations.

The Annex includes a checklist that has been developed as a companion, on-site tool to assist with the assessment of refugee accommodations or centres. The tool is divided into three sections, reflecting the three situations in which refugees may find themselves. A baseline assessment is critical to ensure minimum standards are met and followup assessments will ascertain that corrective actions are implemented in a timely manner. Users might consider developing an action plan to address the findings. The checklist is meant for use as a living document, which can be translated and adapted to the national context of the receiving countries.