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OSCE Mission in Kosovo expands human rights education through establishment of Pool of Trainers

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The OSCE Mission in Kosovo is supporting human rights education through training by some of the many young people who have benefitted from the Mission’s programmes.The move marks a shift away from training by OSCE to a group of talented young women and men who will use their expertise in human rights education to design and implement activities proposed by the Mission and other institutional partners.

Since 2015, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo has trained over 2,000 young people from different backgrounds on human rights education, facilitation skills and inter-cultural learning. As a result of these trainings, the Mission identified a core group of participants who were ready to become non -formal educators, paving the way to the creation of a Pool of Trainers.

“When we empower youth, we empower the future,” said Shqiponjë Kodraliu about her experience as a member of the Pool of Trainers. “Exchanging experiences with other professionals from different backgrounds, helps me grow professionally, and contribute to setting a higher standard of trainers,” she added.

“Young people have always been at the centre of real change in society. The OSCE Mission in Kosovo has long recognized the role of young people as catalysts for peace and security. We will continue to empower young women and young men to embark on initiatives that will positively impact and shape their own communities,” said Deputy Head of Mission Kilian Wahl.

Last week, members of the Pool of Trainers implemented their first activities for the Mission, while many more are planned in the coming months. One activity focused on training law students from Kosovo on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights on property rights. Through this first collaborative engagement, Besnik Beqaj from the Pool of Trainers informed students about the Court and its approach to property rights, including those of non-majority communities. “A professor of mine once told me that we rise by lifting others and I see this potential in the OSCE Pool of Trainers.”

Based on the positive feedback received from participants in the training, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo will continue to employ members of the Pool of Trainers to engage with youth to enhance their skills and knowledge.