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Libya Conflict - ETS Situation Report #33 (Reporting Period: 01/05/2022 to 31/05/2022)

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• The ETS in Libya is working to improve VHF radio coverage in two locations between Janzur in the north west and Mitiga International Airport located 34 kilometres to the east, following user feedback and a joint inter-agency radio check exercise.

• The ETS-managed inter-agency Common Feedback Mechanism (CFM) service in Tripoli is being transitioned to WFP in Libya. As part of the transition of CFM services to WFP, the ETC Chatbot in Libya will be deactivated, following an impact analysis.

• In May, the CFM call centre registered 5,307 cases related to humanitarian issues. The most common categories of humanitarian issues raised were Protection, Cash, and Shelter and Non-Food Items