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Summary Brief - Distance Education & the Digital Divide: Ensuring learning continuity for girls during school closures

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This brief was developed to support the dissemination of key messages in Mind the Gap 2: Seeking Safe and Sustainable Solutions for Girls’ Education in Crises. It provides an overview of evidence and gaps in girls’ and women’s access to distance education and recommends actions for gender-responsive planning and design of distance education policies and interventions.

Girls are missing out on learning during school closures.

At the height of the pandemic, 1.6 billion learners globally were affected with school closures. In response, governments invested heavily in distance education programs including remote and hybrid approaches as a substitute for classroom instruction. In a rush to provide distance education alternatives, many education providers did not take existing gender equity gaps into account in the design and planning of their responses, thus leaving behind the most vulnerable populations. Globally, 222 million girls could not be reached with digital and broadcast distance learning.