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Caritas Tonga Report on the immediate responses during the Volcanic eruption and Covid-19 crisis (January-February 2022)

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Emergency Relief Distribution

Through the Prepositioning Stock Project, Caritas Tonga worked in partnership with the Tonga National Youth Congress in cooperation with the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO), and conducted an emergency relief items distribution to the affected areas and communities. These items included hygiene kits, buckets, jerry cans, kitchen wares, blankets and water purification kits. The distribution was operated under the direction of NEMO and their initial damage assessments that were made.

These were the affected communities in which our emergency relief items were provided for: Kanokupolu – Hygiene Kit (66), ‘Ahau – Hygiene Kit (26), ‘Atata - Hygiene Kit (40), ‘Eueiki Hygiene Kit (20), Patangata – Hygiene Kit (100), Fasi moe Afi – Hygiene Kit (5) Kitchenware (4) blanket (20) bucket (4) Jerry Can (4), Front-liners – Hygiene Kit (15).