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Ukraine Crisis Response - Situation report #8, 18 May 2022

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World Vision
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Situation Overview

Over 8 million people are now displaced internally, and almost 6 million have fled the country. Altogether, more than a third of Ukraine’s pre-war population have now fled their homes.

There are mounting fears that the conflict will lead to dire hunger, both within the country and for the large numbers of people in the Middle East and East Africa who are normally dependent on Ukrainian food exports. The first early planting cycle of the year has now been completed, and 20-30% of fields are fallow.

If the conflict continues, there’s an expectation that planted areas will continue to reduce, and crops that have been grown will not be able to be exported. 1 in 3 households in Ukraine is now food insecure, according to World Food Programme.

There is increasing evidence of pendular movements, as families who fled in the first days of the conflict in late February returned home around April after troops withdrew from the Kyiv region. IOM estimates that 2.7 million people have returned in some form, although many were then displaced or left the country once again.
Although the conflict is now concentrated in the South and East of the country, almost every oblast has received missile attacks.

According to UNOCHA, 3.6 million children have been affected by school closures and attacks. Children have been affected by high levels of stress due to the conflict, and are at risk of negative coping mechanisms or dropping out of school.