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QFFD, QRCS provide urgent relief aid for South Africa flooding victims [EN/AR]

Afrique du Sud
Qatar Red Crescent
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May 30th, 2022 ― Doha: Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), in cooperation with its strategic executive partner Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), has deployed 22 tons and 908 kg of relief aid to the Republic of South Africa in response to the devastating floods in Durban. This aid was delivered via a humanitarian air bridge by the Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF) aircraft to King Shaka International Airport. The aid shipments included ventilators, beds, medical supplies, sportswear for children, pillows, blankets, and power generators. Mr. Khalifa Al-Kuwari, Director-General of QFFD, said, “This urgent aid comes to play a critical role in alleviating the severity of this humanitarian disaster for the affected people in the Republic of South Africa, especially after the floods that hit the coastal city of Durban. Although this aid is an emergency relief in nature, it plays a vital role in alleviating the repercussions of the crisis, by helping to ensure decent living conditions for the affected people”. Mr. Faisal Al-Emadi, CEO of QRCS, said, “The relief aid provided will meet the humanitarian needs of over 100,000 affected people, taking into account the most vulnerable groups. Besides, health centers and hospitals will be supported with the supplies necessary for providing health services”. A relief delegation from QRCS and QFFD was deployed to monitor the situation closely and supervise the distribution of relief materials, in coordination with the South African Red Cross Society (SARCS). Since last April, the coastal region of Durban in the Republic of South Africa has been suffering from massive flooding, which left behind hundreds of victims and huge property losses, especially in infrastructure. Today, about 30,000 displaced people live in shelter hubs, while this disaster has severely affected at least 100,000 people.