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Hazard Incidences in Bangladesh, April 2022

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Overview of Hazard Incidences in April 2022

In April 2022, 11 hazards occurred across Bangladesh, including Covid19, fire, boat capsize, riverbank erosion, heat wave, wall collapse, dengue, lightning, northwester, flood, and diarrhea. The most devastating of which was Covid 19, which affected a total of 1114 people across the country in a single month. According to the national report published in April 2022, 5 people died and 14100 people were rescued from the rubble.

According to the National Safety Council, a total of 636 fire incidents occurred throughout the country, resulting in the deaths of 121 people and the injuries of 15 others. 7 northwesters occurred all over the world, causing significant damage. Three people died, and the majority of farmers lost their crops as a result in Northwester. Riverbank erosion has also decreased in comparison to the previous month. It took place only five times, in five different neighborhoods. People did not starve to death, but their homes were destroyed. In the month of April, a wall collapsed, injuring 10. It was reported that there were three heat wave incidents this month, and the highest temperature was recorded at 41.2 degrees Celsius on the 16th of April in Dinajpur, pabna, Khulna and faridpur District.

District. A mild heat wave has been affecting Dinajpur, Tangail, Faridpur, Pabna, and Jeshore from the 15th to the 19th of April. As a result of the extreme heat of the summer, diarrhea has been widespread throughout the country this month. Some of the hospital's wards were crammed with diarrhea patients. Dengue fever has a noticeable impact on the month of April as well. In the month of April, 22, three confirmed cases were identified, with the majority of patients housed in Dhaka.