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Ukraine - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #17, Fiscal Year (FY) 2022

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4,031 Civilian Deaths Resulting from the Conflict OHCHR – May 2022

6.7 MILLION Refugees Fleeing Ukraine to Neighboring Countries UNHCR – May 2022 MILLION People Internally Displaced Across Ukraine IOM – May 2022

8.7 MILLION People Identified to Receive Humanitarian Assistance in Ukraine UN – April 2022

6.9 MILLION People Reached by Humanitarian Actors in Ukraine UN – May 2022

  • The GoRF invasion of Ukraine displaces nearly 15 million people, bringing the total number of individuals displaced globally to approximately 100 million people for the first time in recorded history.

  • Persistent GoRF bombardment of Luhansk Oblast’s Severodonetsk city and nearby areas in eastern Ukraine hinders civilian evacuations.

  • The GoRF renews attacks on Kharkiv Oblast’s Kharkiv city, as the countrywide civilian death toll surpasses 4,000.

  • International donors—including the USG— mark three months since the GoRF invasion with a joint statement calling on parties to the conflict to protect civilians and humanitarian aid workers.