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Suriname - Severe flooding (DG ECHO, CDEMA) (ECHO Daily Flash of 27 May 2022)

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  • Due to heavy rainfall in the interior and southern areas of Suriname, the government declared several districts as disaster areas on Wednesday 25 May.
  • Rising waters caused by heavy flooding resulted in a number of major challenges in the southern part of the country. Many of the roads used to access the affected villages have been damaged and access to some areas can only be done by aerial means or boats.
  • Electrical and water purification plants built close to the river are now under water and severely damaged. Schools are not accessible, food security is being threatened due to crop losses and water and waste management is a concern. Relocation of affected families is ongoing in other villages or to higher areas.
  • The weather forecast indicates that there is a high risk of further flooding due to continuing moderate to intense rainfalls.