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Somalia: Urban Fire Incident - Operation Update Report n° 1, DREF n° MDRSO013

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This Operation update is published to inform stakeholders that following a meeting on 24 April with National Committee for the Waaheen market fire and the ensuing decision to have all organizations support with response to provide USD 500 to each targeted family. As such, SRCS has made the below changes to the ongoing operation:

  • The amount of the cash grant to be allocated has been amended from USD 390 to USD 500 per household

  • The number of targeted households has been revised downwards from 500 HH to 390 households.

Despite the above changes, the overall allocated amount for this DREF operation (CHF 252,720) as well as the implementation timeframe (4 months) remain unchanged.


Description of the disaster

This DREF Operation was launched on 06 April 2022 following a huge fire outbreak in the biggest market (Waaheen) of Hargeisa on 01 April 2022. The fire was so powerful that the Somaliland Fire Protection could only control it 16 hours after, at noon of April 02, with the support of the Ethiopia Somali region fire department. Details on the incident can be found in the EPoA. The DREF operation was launched to support 3,000 people most affected by the urban fire in Hargeisa and ensure that the impact of the incident on their livelihoods was minimized.