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Bosnia and Herzegovina Operational Update - April 2022

Bosnia y Herzegovina
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1,664 migrants and asylum-seekers arrived irregularly in BiH in April, representing a 65% increase over March 2022, and an 31% increase compared to April 2021.

89,058 arrivals have been recorded since the start of the mixed movement in January 2018.

1,501 persons (90%) arriving in April expressed an intention to seek asylum with the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs (SFA).
The majority declared to be from Pakistan (32%), Afghanistan (19%), Bangladesh (12%) and India (11%).

6 Refugee Status Determination (RSD) interviews were conducted in April, all of them in UNHCR’s Information Centre.

3 decisions* were issued in April: 2 granting subsidiary protection and 1 negative decision. 10 asylum applications were otherwise closed (9 cases involving 10 persons suspended).

14 asylum claims were registered with the Sector for Asylum in April, all of them were conducted in UNHCR’s Information Centre in Sarajevo.

379 days - the length of the asylum procedure for first-instance decisions** issued in April. 40 days - the average amount of time persons waited to register*** an asylum claim for those claims registered in April.

1,797 asylum-seekers and migrants were accommodated in reception facilities at the end of April, while 350 persons are estimated to be squatting outside of formal accommodation, mostly in Una-Sana Canton.

47% of asylum claim registrations scheduled in UNHCR’s Info Centre for April were conducted.