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WFP Mozambique: 2021 Annual Country Report Highlights

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Bibiana's story

In April 2021, Bibiana was forced to leave her home because of violence in her village - Muidumbe, in Cabo Delgado Province. Seeing the movement of non-state armed group members near her house, she fled with her husband and two children. Bibiana travelled to the Metuge resettlement center in Pemba. She struggled to find work and after a few months in poverty, her husband left the family. Bibiana had to go alone into the bush to collect wood and clay to build the house where her family now lives. She has been able to send the children to school, but the family's situation was getting worse because she was not able to find a job. The family was surviving on the little help they received from relatives and asking for favours from neighbours, most of whom were in a similar situation to hers. For a long time,
Bibiana did not know about WFP’s food assistance programme for displaced people until she was informed by her neighbours. Bibiana then shared her situation with a field monitor, WFP verified her situation and included her in the food assistance programme. When Bibiana received her first food basket for her family, with rice, beans and oil, she said “now I have more strength because I know that our food is at least guaranteed”. Stronger, but still with limited livelihood options, Bibiana borrowed 500 meticais (USD 8) from neighbours to rent a small piece of land to plant corn, cassava, pumpkin and other food items. It will take a while for the plants to grow and be able to supplement the family's nutrition or be sold. ''Knowing that I have food for my children, I am happier. They will get stronger to continue studying and I will be able to work in the field to improve their lives'', said Bibiana.