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Afghanistan: Countrywide Weekly Market Price Bulletin, Issue 105 (Covering 4th week of May 2022)

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• During the last week of May 2022, wheat and wheat flour supply decreased from source markets, resulting in a 2 percent and 3 percent price increase, respectively.

• The Afghani depreciated by 1 percent this week against the US Dollar, from AFN 89.6 to AFN 90.5. Afghanistan continues to face severe liquidity challenges, as cash shortages restrict daily transactions at banks and markets.

• The price of basic food commodities, including wheat, wheat flour, rice, and cooking oil, increased by an average of 2-3 percent during the week under review, mainly due to decreased supply, higher demand and the devaluation of local currency.

• The Terms of Trade (TOT) for casual labour slightly improved by 0.2 percent, but due to economic decline still its significantly lower compared to average. Pastoralist TOT also decreased by 2 percent compared to last week and remains drastically lower by 25 percent compared to the same time last year.