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Afghanistan Health Cluster Bulletin, April 2022

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  • As of 30th April, a total of 178,980 confirmed cases and 7,683 deaths of COVID-19 were reported. The recovery rate was 90.4% with 4.29% Case Fatality Rate (CFR).

  • The leading causes of morbidity among all age groups, as reported, were Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) and Acute Diarrheal Disease (ADD) across the country.

  • A total of 519 (95.3%) functional surveillance sentinel sites in 34 Provinces, submitted reports through the Disease Early Warning System (DEWS).

  • A total of 878 medical kits (348 IEHKs, 296 TESKs, 23 Cholera Kits, 1 NCD kit, 38 pneumonia kits and 172 PEDSAM kits) were delivered by WHO to 32 non SEHATMANDI health facilities and 3 partners (MSF, HealthNet-TPO and AYSO) to provide health services to vulnerable people in underserved areas. These supplies cover the basic needs of an estimated 493,570 population for a period of three months

  • UNICEF deployed Ten more mobile health and nutrition teams (MHNTs) bringing the total number of UNICEF-supported MHNTs to 147 teams across the country.
    These teams continued to provide health and nutrition services in 30 provinces mainly operating in the remote hard to reach mountainous terrain which was previously inaccessible areas, and during the reporting period reached almost 130,000 people with various health and nutrition services