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South Sudan Displacement Crisis: Bor Town Port and Road Monitoring - Bor South County, Jonglei State, South Sudan (February 2022)

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Bor Town is located in Bor South County, situated along the River Nile approximately 190 kilometers north of Juba, and is the capital of Jonglei State. Bor Town was among the epicentres of fighting that broke out in 2013, resulting in the widespread displacement of civilians, which persists to the present. Thousands of civilians remain displaced at protection of civilian sites (POCs) in Bor Town, in camps across the Nile in Awerial County, and in other sites across South Sudan. Bor Town is also a major transport hub. The Juba-Bor Road and the River Nile both serve as key transit and trade ateries between Juba and Bor, and to other rural areas of Greater Upper Nile.
To inform humanitarian actors operating in the area, REACH monitors the main bus station and boat port in Bor Town, in order to gather information on departing and arriving households. Data that is collected daily is synthesised into a monthly factsheet to provide an overview of wider movement trends, including push and pull factors, movement intentions, and household demographics.

The information presented in this fact sheet was collected between February 1 and 28, 2022 through face-to-face interviews. In total, 89 departing households (439 individuals), 83 arriving households (346 individuals), and 15 transiting households (120 individuals) that were passing through these two sites, were interviewed.

Data collection took place Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, and thus arrivals or departures that took place outside of these hours were not recorded. As a consequence, the data presented in this factsheet is not represenative, but rather indicative of trends only.