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Guyana: Floods - DREF Final Report, Operation n° MDRGY003

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Description of the disaster

In mid-May 2021, Guyana experienced higher than normal levels of rainfall across the country. This led to what was described as the worst flooding in Guyana for over 20 years. On 10 June 2021, it was reported that all communities across Guyana were severely affected. The most affected communities were Regions 9 and 10, with an estimated 6,900 affected households or 34,500 people. At the end of the floods, the Civil Defence Commission reported a total of 52,000 affected households. The flood caused damage to homes, loss of crops and livestock, displacement of families and damage to buildings. The affected people experienced mental trauma, as many lost their homes, livestock, and farms, which were their primary sources of safety and income. This crisis was compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for the people housed in temporary formal shelters.