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Flash Flood in North-eastern Bangladesh Sunamganj and Sylhet District, Briefing Note – 25/05/2022

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General Overview of Crisis

  • Heavy rainfall over the past week in the Northeastern Indian states led to increase of water level in the Northeastern part of Bangladesh which led a serious flood.

  • About 2 million people have been stranded by flood so far in the two most affected districts. (Al-Jazeera)

  • The forecast of FFWC shows that, flood situation may improve in the several areas of Sylhet, whereas situation may be worsen in the low-lying area of Netrokona district. (NAWG)

  • There are about 4 people dead and houses and roads severely damaged. (SoS and D-forms)

  • 54,196 (hectares) croplands estimated to be damaged. (WFP ADAM)

  • Schools and important infrastructures have been submerged into water, hampering education of school-going children.

  • Communication and transportation have been heavily disrupted due to inundation of major roads.

  • Around 1.5 lakh families in Sylhet and Sunamganj have been without power since 17 May 2022 due to submergence of Power Stations. Outage of electricity due to disrupted facilities is also observed. About 50,000 families had been without power for days in Sylhet city area. (Newspaper report; NAWG Situation Analysis)

  • More than 873 educational institutions, mostly government primary schools, have been closed due to severe flooding in the two districts, causing loss of learning to the students. (NAWG Situation Analysis; Islamic Relief Bangladesh Situation Report)

  • Department of Agricultural Extension’s district office confirmed that the flood had already destroyed Aus seedbed in 1,421 hectares, Boro in 1,704 hectares and summer vegetables in 13,340 hectares. (Islamic Relief Bangladesh Situation Report)

  • As per the Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE), 370 tubewell and 3,659 toilets were affected (as of 19 May 2022)

  • Health/Medical support, shelter, food, drinking water, saline, water purifying tablet and Cash support is observed as immediate needs of the affected people. (Dforms, SOS form and DRRO reports)