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Situation Update #5: Republic of Moldova Refugee Emergency Telecommunications Sector (RETS)

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The UNHCR-led Refugee Emergency Telecommunications Sector (RETS) is the coordinating body for IT and communications assessment and service delivery in refugee emergencies. RETS seeks reinforce multi-sector coordination by streamlining IT and communications into operational preparedness and response strategies for the delivery of assistance to refugees and other persons of concern.

In the Republic of Moldova, with the number of humanitarian partners providing services to persons of concern increasing, RETS is prioritizing the establishment of internet connectivity in reception centres and other key operational sites, and delivering internet connectivity in Blue Dot hubs across the country. Partners and other sectors are fully engaged in the assessment, planning and implementation of the RETS response, and play an active role in identifying sites where connectivity services are a core requirement for operational enhancement.

You can access the latest statistics for the Republic of Moldova via the Refugee Coordination Forum dashboard: