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Ukraine Emergency – UNHCR Poland Protection Factsheet (20 May 2022)

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3.5million refugees arrived in Poland from Ukraine since 24 February, of whom 95% women and children

3.95millionviews of UNHCR Poland HELP page, making it the most visited HELP site globally

Over 70,000leafletson risks of exploitation, abuse and trafficking, legal aid and other services distributed to refugees in Poland

12 Blue Dot hubs active across Poland and more being established

Over, 9,000 refugees received in person support and counselling at Blue Dots in Poland so far

What protection risks do refugees from Ukraine face?

As almost all refugees from Ukraine arriving in Poland are women, children and older people, the high level of distress, family separation resulting in large numbers of unaccompanied and separated children and single parents, and risks of gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and abuse are multiplied. Traffick in grisks by those who might try to exploit refugees’ vulnerability with promises of free transport, accommodation, employment or other forms of assistance are heightened. UNHCR’s work to protect refugees in Poland includes information and communication with communities, identification of people with specific needs, referrals to specialised services and legal counselling. These interventions are increasingly tailored to specific groups, including the LGBTIQ+ community, people with disability, isolated older persons, minorities, and women and girls at risk.