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Ukraine Logistics Cluster Situation Update, 16 May 2022

Logistics Cluster
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1 . Logistics constraints

• Fuel shortages across the country are impacting the operational capacity of humanitarian organisations, particularly those operating light vehicles. The Logistics Cluster is coordinating with WFP, as lead agency of the Logistics Cluster, as well as supporting Fuel Relief Fund with information sharing on upcoming fuel services. The latest information is:

  • WFP has augmented staffing to address fuel issues, with a dedicated focal point in-country.

  • WFP confirmed that UNHCR has existing agreements with two fuel suppliers. This agreement can also be made available to other UN partners.

  • A short questionnaire on organisational fuel requirements has been disseminated to partners to support operational planning. Further updateson both modalities, processes and timing relating to fuel provision will be provided as soon as available.

  • Partners can contact Ukraine.logisticscluster@wfp.orgfor further information.

• There are reports of congestion at border crossing points. The Logistics Cluster is working with partners to gather additional information and guidance to be sent to responding organisations. Information on border crossing times can be found here.

• The volatile security situation, particularly in eastern and southern oblasts, is creating difficulties for planning and executing aid delivery, including the forward movement, and staging of humanitarian cargo. The Logistics Cluster is working in close coordination with OCHA to identify partners who have an operational presence in hard-to-reach areas to support the effective delivery of relief items