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Ukraine: Relief and reconstruction, May 2022

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The EU stands united in its unwavering support to Ukraine in the face of Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion, and cruel and ruthless warfare. The EU has stepped up its political, humanitarian, financial and military support to Ukraine and is imposing massive sanctions against the Kremlin to cripple its war machine.

Since the start of the invasion, the EU has mobilised €4.1 billion in macrofinancial assistance, budget support, emergency assistance, crisis response and humanitarian aid to support Ukraine. €1.5 billion in military assistance under the European Peace Facility to support Ukrainian Armed Forces to defend their population and territorial integrity have also been provided.

The EU and its Member States will work with the International and European financial institutions and international organisations, as well as linkeminded partners to continue providing relief to help Ukraine meet urgent financing needs and keep basic services going and once peace returns to rebuild a free and democratic Ukraine.