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Democratic Republic of Congo – Epidemics (DG ECHO, WHO, authorities) (ECHO Daily Flash of 20 May 2022)

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  • The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has a very high infectious disease burden and is prone to recurrent epidemics that require emergency support and create additional humanitarian needs.

  • The country is currently dealing with outbreaks of cholera, Ebola, measles, monkey pox, plague, yellow fever and vaccine-derived polio. A fifth wave of COVID-19 seems to emerge.

  • Part of disease control efforts for these various outbreaks is vaccination against cholera, polio, yellow fever, Ebola, measles, monkey pox and COVID-19.

  • The DRC has also been selected as a priority country for the new malaria vaccine for children at risk.

  • Three Ebola cases have been confirmed in one health zone in Mbandaka city in Equateur province between 23 April and 4 May 2022 and all three died. Isolation and testing of suspected cases and other control measures are ongoing and carried out by national and international response teams.