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DRC Legal Alert: Issue 80 | 15 April – 30 April 2022 [EN/UK/RU]

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1. Cabinet Introduces Framework for IDP Temporary Housings

On 29 April 2022, the Cabinet adopted Decree №495 establishing rules and modalities for temporary housing for IDPs. Eligibility and Priority: IDPs falling within the criteria mentioned at the bottom of this section are eligible.

Source of Housing Stock: Secondary market purchases as well as new constructions.

Implementation Bodies: The State Fund for Youth Housing Construction as well as the local self-government units. Source of Funding: State subvention, local budgets, international donor funding.

Duration of Temporary Housing: One year unless renewed.

Housing Standards: Housing stock procured or constructed must comply with the minimum standards prescribed by the Housing Code and the relevant applicable law.

Minimum Space: 6m2 of living space per member of the family.

Application Procedure: IDP must submit an application, copies of identification documents, individual tax number, IDP certificate and documents proving the connection with his/her family members to the local council or other body authorized by it.