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Displacement Tracking Matrix - Mozambique, Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) Report: No.159 (11 - 17 May 2022)

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During the reporting period (11 to 17 May 2022), a total of 91 movements were recorded - 44 returns (2,097 individuals), 23 arrivals (1,036 individuals), 19 departures (472 individuals), and 5 transits (268 individuals). The largest return movements were recorded in Muidumbe (685 individuals), Palma (630 individuals) and Macomia (377 individuals). The largest arrival movements were recorded in Macomia (641 individuals), Cidade de Pemba (137 individuals), Nangade (129 individuals) and Mueda (114 individuals). The largest departure movement was observed in Nangade (339 individuals). The largest transit movement was observed in Mueda (268 individuals). Of the total population, 7 per cent of mobile groups were displaced for the first time, and 97 per cent of reported individuals were displaced prior to this movement.