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Pakistan Meteorological Department: Technical Report on catastrophe due to heatwave instead of drought in the Cholistan, Punjab (14 May 2022)

Govt. Pakistan
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The catastrophe caused by the severe heatwave in Cholistan impacted the water reservoirs, vegetation and livestock badly. Due to abnormal increases in daily maximum temperature, heat stress situations arose in the Cholistan region. The high-intensity major heatwave persist for 41 days (11th March to 19th April 2022) followed by a short heatwave of 6 days (27th April to 2nd May 2022) of relatively low intensity. Although the region received a sufficient amount of rainfall during the winter season, however, the severe heatwave is now alarming the onset of drought in the coming days in the Cholistan region due to water depletion in ponds and reservoirs as well as soil moisture availability for vegetation.

(Note: This report is prepared under the special directive of Mahr Sahibzad Khan, Director General, PMD, Islamabad.)