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Regional Refugee Response Plan for the Ukraine Situation - Inter-Agency Operational Update: Romania, April 2022

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Since 24 February, almost 5.9 million refugees have fled their homes in Ukraine constituting one of the largest refugee movements in decades on the European continent. Over 836,000 refugees have arrived in Romania. More than two months since the start of the conflict, Romania continues to respond with hospitality and solidarity as the needs of those fleeing Ukraine, the majority of whom are women and children, continue to grow.

In light of the emergency and the scale of humanitarian needs of refugees from Ukraine, an inter-agency regional refugee response is being carried out, in support of the efforts of refugee-hosting countries.

The Refugee Response Plan brings together UN agencies, international and national NGOs and other relevant partners to work together in support of the Government of Romania to ensure protection and assistance for refugees and third-country nationals fleeing from Ukraine. The response prioritizes the provision of critical protection services and humanitarian assistance, as displacement and needs continue to grow.


5.5 M
Refugees who have fled Ukraine since 24 February (as of 30 April)

836.2 K
Total refugees who have entered Romania (as of 30 April)

88.4 K
Ukrainian refugees remaining in Romania (as of 30 April)

of refugees staying in Romania are women and children (as of 30 April)

12.3 K
Applied for a temporary protection permit in Romania (as of 30 April)