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Ukraine ETC Situation Report #6 (Reporting period: 27/04/2022 to 19/05/2022)

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The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster was activated in Ukraine on 3 March 2022 following the escalation of armed conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The ETC is deploying cybersecurity solutions and VSATs to provide secure networks and backup connectivity to humanitarians, while working to obtain approvals for the establishment of radio security communications.


  • As of 18 May, the ETC is providing secure internet connectivity services to 129 staff from 10 humanitarian organisations, including UN agencies and INGOs, in two interagency workspaces in Dnipro and Lviv.

  • On 13 May, the ETC extended secure internet connectivity services to cover a humanitarian workspace on an additional floor of the building in Lviv, to protect humanitarians’ data from cyber threats.

  • On 27 April, the ETC deployed a cybersecurity solution designed by its partner Cisco Crisis Response at the interagency humanitarian workspace in Dnipro. The ETC secure network in Dnipro is now connected to a dedicated fibre-optic network from the local ISP, offering a faster and more secure connection for humanitarian responders.