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CCCM Cluster Mozambique - Monthly Report: Northern Provinces - Cabo Delgado and Nampula (April 2022)

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Community engagement

During the month of April, CCCM partners facilitated committees meetings at site level across all sites in Ancuabe , Chiure , Metuge and Montepuez . IOM CCCM created a youth committee in Nicavaco and Camp Management committees in Mirate and Mararange , for a total of 73 committes created in the 33 sites managed by the CM agency. Moreover, training on PSEA has been delivered to women and disability inclusion committees in 5 sites in Metuge .
The AVSI CCCM team facilitated CM coordination meetings in Campona , Marcuni , Massingiri , Ntele and Nicuapa sites in Montepuez . All meetings aimed at informing the communities about the SEPPA and WFP food distributions plan in the coming months .

Activistsas received an induction on community sensitization for the rational use of products and protection against any type of violence perpetrated by community agents .

In Nandimba (Mueda), the Solidarites International CCCM team created a Camp Management committee and facilitated the creation of a site -level leadership structure through elections open to all IDPs living in the site .
UNHCR presented the Site Management Committee Training package to the Site Management team in Mueda with the aim of facilitating capacity development for the community structures.

During the month of April, 439 cases were filed, for a total of 2195 cases . Out of the 439 cases received,% were request for assistance, 41 % complaints,% feedbacks,% request for information and% reported rumors.
A total of 65 per cent of the cases received in April were closed within the same month. Of this 68 per cent were closed after referral and 32 per cent were closed at site. Most of the cases were related to the NFI sector (27 % ) and FLS (23 % ) followed by Health (13 %)